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Treacle Row Interior Design
Treacle Row Interior Design Changing Houses into 'Welcome Homes'
Treacle Row Interior Design  Changing Houses into 'Welcome Homes'

Affordable Pricing : Bespoke Service

Being a personal service, prices can vary. All people have different requirements from their homes, and varying amounts of resources to make this happen.


All clients have an Initial Consultation which is £75.

This allows us to meet, for me to see the scope and requirements of the project and then have a constructive discussion about your space. 

Sometimes clients may not need more than reassurance their original ideas will work. Notes are taken by both sides and ideas and solutions discussed.


More usually the process then develops into the production of moodboards and planning, sometimes project management, sometimes commission of bespoke pieces. The client pays directly for external services, objects and pieces. Treacle Row is paid purely for design ideas and anything they do directly for the client.


E-Boards that are emailed to the client start at £70, depending upon the specifications required.

Real Boards contain actual samples of flooring, fabric, paint, and costings. You have all the information you need, including dimensions and ordering information. These start at £150. These are really useful for bigger budget projects where accuracy of colour is extremely important.


All mood boards draw upon a wide range of sources that suit budget and taste. There is no affiliation to one brand or another.


After that - it's up to you!

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