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Treacle Row Interior Design
Treacle Row Interior Design Changing Houses into 'Welcome Homes'
Treacle Row Interior Design  Changing Houses into 'Welcome Homes'

Our team

We have many links with businesses and individuals who help the design process go as easily as possible. They range from suppliers and tradesmen, to local shop owners and clever people who can perform the very special something!


All design consultations are performed by Sarah. 

Sarah Shuttleworth



I have always loved design.

I have a Diploma from the Interior Design Institute and am furthering my career with a qualification from the British College of Design.


I have moved house many times in my life, having lived in Perthshire, Chelsea, Surrey and now Derbyshire. As a result I have become quite accustomed to looking at my new home with an inventive eye, and drawing upon the possiblilities that lie within.


Already I have helped those who wanted to move in, move out, or improve the house where they live into a Welcome Home.



Projects Include

  • Stayer: Retired Couple in the Peak District who had downsized and wanted to freshen up the look and style of their home with ergonomic reorganisation and the purchase of new accessories. 
  • Mover In : Young professional couple in  the Peak District with family who moved into a house that needed completely redecorating in a young fresh style to  a fairly strict budget. Colour was a major theme, as was furniture style, as they were unsure what would work best.
  • Mover Out : Professional couple and family relocating to the USA who needed to present their home well for effective marketing photographs to facilitate as successful a sale as possible. The house was completely reorganised and all accessories were regrouped.
  • Mover In : Mature professional Sheffield couple who were moving in together and couldn't agree on what they wanted... The main rooms - bedroom, kitchen, hallway, media room and sitting room were all given a contemporary and modern look that pleased them both!
  • Stayer : Young professional family in Sheffield with limited space needed to make better use of the playroom. They wanted it to multi-task as a sophisticated guest room as well as a stimulating and fun room with lots of storage for their children's toys.


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