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Treacle Row Interior Design
Treacle Row Interior Design Changing Houses into 'Welcome Homes'
Treacle Row Interior Design  Changing Houses into 'Welcome Homes'

We help Sellers, Buyers and Holiday Property Owners in Derbyshire, Sheffield and throughout The Peak District

Moving in? Moving on? We can help you!

Does your outside make people want to come inside?         Are colours important?

 We only have one chance for a first impression, so let's make it a good one!


It is necessary to prepare your property


the agent comes to take photographs. 


Think of this scene.


The buyer browses through the property pages.

They like the external appearance of your home.

They flick through the internal pictures and can't believe either how much work it appears to need on the inside or that the style or condition of the interior does not reflect the price tag!


The potential buyer, who probably doesn't have a huge decorating budget because they have saved everything towards a deposit for their 'Forever Home' moves on and is lost.


A successful marketing strategy includes attractive pictures to entice browsers to leave their sofa and visit your property personally. Lighting, colour, and positioning of furniture all play their part.


Properties may have received hundreds of virtual viewings, so why have there been so few people through the door?


Treacle Row helps Sellers and Buyers of property in the following ways:


An Initial Consultation : The Critical Friend

This is an informative and interesting 'Walk-Through' service where the consultant is a critical friend.

A wide range of suggestions might incorporate redecoration, room layout and domestic snags, such as unfinished tasks and other things that impede possible buyers from making the next move.

Not all solutions cost very much, for example, decluttering and reorganisation, but a number of small changes can often make a huge difference to that first impression!


Ergonomic Overview

Is your dining room an office, a playroom or a bicycle shed?

Do you have a large attic space that might represent another bedroom or study?

We will work with you to restyle your property so that it appeals to the majority of viewers. 


Detailed Plan of Action : Room by Room or through the Whole House.

A useful service for Sellers and Buyers.

Receive written information about a wide range of areas including

  • Colour (including specifics such as finish)
  • Suggestions for purchase, with differing price points or colour combinations, depending upon the wishes of the client.
  • Measured plans
  • Room sketches
  • Mood Boards showing accessories, actual paints and fabric swatches. These can take 1-2 weeks to prepare as often samples need to be sent for, and all furniture and accessories are fingertip tested where possible.
  • A full shopping list can be provided, with contact details for all objects and the best prices available are quoted. This gives absolute transparency in the budget.  

All these tools are available to give a truly personalised service both inside and outside your home. 

An hourly rate is applied.


Project Management

Your consultant will oversee the work completed by external tradesmen.

All tradesmen are to be paid directly by the client and Treacle Row charge an hourly rate.


Absentee Landlord Key Holder (Must be within 10 miles of Hathersage)

Property is visited twice a week.

Flowers are checked and changed.

The property is dusted and aired so it feels fresh and welcoming.

Any storm damage or similar, for example, broken guttering or leaks, is communicated to the owner and a solution worked out.

Feel secure knowing that somebody is on hand to watch over your property. 


Fluff-Up Sessions

It may be that you have created a good impression through your own efforts, and merely need a Fluff-Up Sesion to make sure that all is well before the Agent comes to take photographs.

A second pair of eyes is often useful when it comes to that last minute check for smears and straightened cushions.


*All the services we offer to Sellers are useful to Buyers.

The only difference is that the focus is on what you want - not what will please others!


Holiday Properties


Do your property photographs often attract new customers?

We can help to make sure that your holiday property will be attractive and comfortable.

We work within budget to create a makeover that is affordable and effective.

We want to deliver a great product to your clients to encourage repeat business and great reviews.


This is not an exhaustive list of services we offer.

We can provide shopping lists for every budget. Mood Boards can stand alone with a detailed cost breakdown, or be part of detailed Schemes of Work.

We are constantly improving these services to keep up with developments in the field and to provide you with the best resources available.


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