Treacle Row Interior Design
Treacle Row Interior Design
Treacle Row Interior Design Changing Houses into 'Welcome Homes'
Treacle Row Interior Design  Changing Houses into 'Welcome Homes'

If you live in a house, anywhere in Sheffield, Derbyshire and Beyond The Peak District - we can help you!

Treacle Row is based in the Derbyshire Hope Valley.


Our mission is to help transform every house into a welcome home.

We want to help you if

  • you are moving out
  • moving in
  • staying put
  • or running a holiday cottage business.


Read on, and see what we can offer you!


Selling Up and Moving On

If you are trying to sell your home our Home Styling service can help you to make it as appealing as possible to the widest range of people. We want virtual browsers turn into real life viewings. Our objective eyes will help you to create a welcoming ambiance that looks good - both in photographs and real life.

A home is a major purchase - but purchasers are often ruled by their emotions, not their heads. Homes need to feel welcoming, as well as look appealing, - and we can help you with our tailored solutions.


Staying Put - But needing to Update or Restyle?

Do you love where you live but not how you live in your home?

This is a common situation.

We can help you to restyle and upgrade your space so that it works for you. 

Our bespoke services can improve the looks and functionality of your home.

You can use your own workmen or ours. It is amazing how you can reuse and update what you might already have, and then spend what you saved on something brilliant!

Alternatively, you might want a full redesign for something truly individual!


Moving into your new home.

Moving into a new area can be daunting.

You will have the support of local knowledge and dedicated help in making your new home work quickly and to your own taste.

Realize your new home's full potential with our help.

Whether your home needs flooring, lighting and everything inbetween - or just a breath of fresh inspiration - let us help and support you in creating the home of your dreams.


Owners of Holiday Cottages

We work to your budget to restyle your property attractively, comfortably and effectively. 

We use sound principles of design so that your clients will not wish to stay anywhere else!

A Personal Service


At Treacle Row we tailor our services to your requirements because no two cases are the same.

You receive exactly the services that you require.


Why don't you arrange an initial consultation with us?

For many, this is the most informative and interesting part of the whole process.

After that you can decide how much of your project you want to handle yourself, secure in the knowledge that we are always there to give you more support and further advice.


In the meantime, you can explore our website to learn more about us, our services and our existing portfolio.

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