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Treacle Row Interior Design Changing Houses into 'Welcome Homes'
Treacle Row Interior Design  Changing Houses into 'Welcome Homes'

About us: How we work with you to maximise your home's potential

Communication is key.


The design brief has to be clear and consistent to both sides.

Honesty between the client and consultant about budget, timescales and personal preferences also help  a project run smoothly.


Sometimes clients have really clear ideas about what they want to achieve - sometimes they don't.

Sometimes the answers are really clear to the consultant - sometimes we need a little thinking time!


There can often be a gap between aspiration and budget!

This is when objective advice comes into its own.

We can help you prioritise, or realise what the key design elements are, and work to achieve them.


Communication, Planning and Execution.


Whether you are selling and moving on, buying and moving in, or creating a holiday setting you need to please the right people!


Treacle Row will help you achieve your goals in various ways:

  • Regular phonecalls and visits during the process
  • Step by step program with clearly defined roles for us, you and tradesmen
  • Support in all areas - from detailed scopes of work, plans, mood boards, sourcing of accesories right up to full project management to transform your home.


Your Role:

  • Be prepared to live in your home very differently if you are trying to sell it!
  • Be aware that strangers may not see your house the way you do, so you might have to incorporate new ideas into what you think works well.
  • In order to make effective changes the devil is in the detail. 

Pay attention to details in any communications you receive from us, especially when it comes to finishes or colours. A small change may make a significant impact on what we are trying to achieve.

  • Be honest. If you know that budget may have to be spent on a professional painter, for example, because your own skills are lacking, do say so. 

Many things are small jobs that many people can do themselves, and this keeps costs down. We all have different abilities, however, so play to your strengths and make sure what is completed is done to a high standard.


What we don't do:


  • Knock down walls and draw up architectural plans. Instead, we can help you appreciate different designs by professional architects and help you form a more informed decision.
  • Take payment for work completed by other tradespeople - you pay them directly.
  • Whilst we source and recommend objects and pieces for your home, we do not purchase them directly. This keeps the process as simple as possible and allows you to implement changes quickly.
  • Payments made to Treacle Row are for design and support services provided by Treacle Row, and nothing else.
  • There are no hidden charges and you see exactly where your money is going!


Treacle Row Interiors will help you to achieve your goals in a transparent way.

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